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Rummaging Through The Attic: Update, 17 July 2019

Hi Ravens,

This is just a quick update regarding Ravens' recent lack of activity.

For a while, I let things get a little too ambitious. That, combined largely with a particularly stressful period in my day-to-day life, meant I let updates and posts slip through the cracks. At the moment, I'm working on how to optimize the rest of the issue and, going forward, keep things manageable while I'm still a one-woman show. I'm also going to be updating how I manage and run submissions, streamlining the process.

I apologize for my lack of communications during the last month or so. It's absolutely less than ideal, and I hate that I let it happen.

This weekend, you'll all be seeing a new text post for early access, and that'll put us on the right track to finishing out Issue One together.

Also - there will be an Issue Two.

Thank you all for your patience, and again, I'm sorry for the communication fail.

Warm regards,

Sarah Little Editor-In-Chief.

#update #atticrummage

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